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About Towelroot

Most of the Android users do not have the knowledge to root their devices. So, any time you want to root a device but feel discomfort with the procedure of rooting. But it’s too easy To make this an easy task and completely professional, you can now use Towelroot apk to root your device. There are a lot of android apps will help you to root your Android device but you need to follow the series of steps by connecting your phone or tablet to a PC in order to root the device and they are uncomfortable too.


Actually, you have to connect your Android Phone/tablet to a PC in order to root, but here is Towelroot software which will help you to root any Android device in a simple manner. Towelroot is a great rooting application software that helps you to root any Android device. It roots any Android device with a single tap and that too in a very less time. So, all you need to do is to install the app, open it and click on the button to root. That’s it!

Rooting an Android Phone/Tablet will help you in several ways like, improve the performance of the device and give you a complete hold of the device’s internal functions. The App is simple with great features. Of course, the only function of the app is to root but, with specifications a such, I think this the best choice for anyone who wants to root..

Towelroot Download

Features of APK Download for Android

  • Root any Android device with a single tap.
  • Don’t have to connect to PC to root your device.
  • No knowledge about Towelroot? Don’t worry! Towelroot is the perfect choice for you.
  • Very lite. Doesn’t occupy much space or use lots of RAM to do its work.

The above are few of the features of the Towelroot. Now, I hope you gained some basic knowledge about Towelroot. So, here is the step by step guide to root your Android device with Towelroot

Towelroot APK Download for Android

Download the Towelroot APK using the link provided below. The APK is safe and free from malware. You can download it without a thought.

Download Towelroot – Click Here

Download and Install Towelroot APK v3.0

  • First thing you need to do is download the Towelroot APK, I hope you did it using the link provided above
  • Now run the Towelroot APK on your Android device with permissions.
  • The one key thing you need to make sure of is, check for the installation permission of your Android device and enable “allow installations from third-party sources”.
  • Now, give it a minute and let the installation complete.
  • After installing Towelroot successfully on your Android device, open the APP.
  • When you open the app, you will get a welcome screen where you will be given an option “Make it Ra1n”. When you click on it, your device will be rooted automatically in minutes.


Towelroot Download

How to Root Android Device with Towelroot

There are a few devices that are not compatible with the Towelroot and earlier versions of Android OS that doesn’t support Towelroot. In that case, you have to use Mod-Strings to root your phone. Simply, put in the Mod Strings and click on “Make it Ra1n”. That’s it! Your device is successfully rooted.